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Quit letting Facebook Ads give you grey hairs.
Let me manage your ads month to month

Meta is changing

Don’t try to run Facebook Ads like it’s 2016.  The same strategies do not work anymore.

I offer powerful marketing strategies so that are data-driven. Let us manage your ads and let you focus on growing your business.

Increase Engagement

I aim to lower your CPC (Cost per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Using the latest strategies we will be testing to see what resonates with your audience.

Build Brand Awareness

Build that Know Like & Trust factor by sharing high-quality content.  Be seen as the authority in your niche.   The one to solve your clients problem, or educate them if they are not yet problem aware!

Big Impact, Small Budget

Get in front of thousands of people every day.  Much more cost-effective than traditional advertising such as printed media and radio. Using specific strategies to nurture your audience.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Stay Present

By popping up in the newsfeed regularly I can help you stay front of mind with your audience.  We will test different strategies (content and creative) to see what works with your audience.  This is not one size fits all and I will let the data guide me as to what works.

Quick Entry and Results

Once your ad goes live people,  leads will come in. Unlike some marketing strategies that take time to implement, Facebook Ads has very fast results.

Targeted Audience

Facebook Ads are a great way to continually attract your local ideal audience based on interests and demographics.  You can target your ideal customers by age, gender, location and more.

Create Authority

The type of content that you share will help position you as an expert in your niche.  Stand out from your competitors with relatable and authentic content.

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don’t believe in long contracts?

We bill month to month. Monthly management starts $1000 USD(not including Ad Spend)
If you need help setting up your account and campaigns but don’t want full management, check out my VIP days.

What to expect

Initial Call

We will chat about your campaign goals, target market, and top competitors.  I will create a custom strategy unique for your business.  I will email an invoice, once payment is accepted, I will begin the on-boarding process. 

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Competitor Research & Ad Creation

I will write your ads for you, testing versions to see what hits the target.  I will test different ads to see what is working the best, then we can amplify it! 


Once your ads and images have been collated we will email you a google doc with ad copy and images for your approval.

Content Refining

It is essential to use content that connects with your ideal audience.  I find images and simple videos shot on your smartphone work really well. No need for fancy, overproduced videos.  Content that shows you can help solve common problems will define you as the authority in your niche.  You will need to provide images and simple videos. We can edit these to test what resonates best.

Optimisation & Reporting

I will be constantly monitoring your campaigns and adjusting to optimise performance.  Every Monday you will be emailed a detailed report of your Facebook Ads account. 

got Questions?

What is included in the monthly pricing?

Audience research and campaign management, Optimizing Ad performance daily,  Launching new campaigns,  Monitoring competitor’s ads,  Weekly reporting,  Strategy review

You will receive a weekly report detailing the past 7 days. This will compare to the previous 7 days so you can see the campaign trends. Does not include Ad Spend.  you are responsible for this and are billed through your Facebook Ads Account.

How long before I see results?

Usually, Facebook Ads brings starts building brand awareness after going live.  Our management plan is rolling month to month, so the minimum time is 30 days but it is best to give Facebook a little longer – at least 60 to 90 days for a new campaign to mature.  Facebook needs time to collect a good amount of data to effectively serve your ad to the best audience. It will find people who are more likely to click on your ad AND follow through and book that appointment.

How will I receive reports and communication?

You will receive an email weekly on Mondays with the performance of the Ad Campaign.  we will have a Slack channel where we can communicate easily and without distractions.

How will you access my Ad account?

We will request access as a partner and send you the steps how to do this.

What is the recommended budget for ad spend?

Brand Awareness and Retargeting combined would be for as little as £10 a day.  Lead Generation would be minimum £30 a day spend.

Can I see my own ads?

You can look in your Facebook Ads Manager and click on the Preview tool.  If you get stuck we can email a link.

Can you set up my Facebook Account for me?

No, you will be required to set up your Facebook ads account and fill in business and billing information. you will be responsible for the ad spend.  If you need help click on this link to set up your Business Manager and to then create an Ad Account

If you get stuck, we can help you with this process.


How long will it take till launch?

We will have you up and running within 3 to 5 working days once we have received creative from you.  Simple video (1 to 3 mins) and photos shot on a smart phone we find work best.  The rolling monthly billing cycle will start from the date the campaign goes live.

I already run Facebook Ads. Can you help me?

We can take a look at your current Facebook Ads campaign and let you know what you are doing right, what is wrong, and what we suggest moving forward. Drop us a note in the contact form below to get started.

How to get started

 1. Fill out the form below

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2. Let’s chat

A no-obligation call to discuss your business advertising priorities.  I can audit your existing Ad campaign.

3. Get Results

Campaigns tailored to your practice help attract more patients.  I will get you leads and phone calls.

Let’s do thiS!

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