Birth Flower for July

Birth flowers are flowers that are assigned to each month of the year. According to the language of flowers, each month is linked to a specific flower or two. The blossoms have different meanings and symbolism associated with them.

Any guesses as to what the July birth flowers are? Keep reading to find out about July birth flowers and their meanings!

July Birthflower

July Birthflower - Lotus

Lotus, also known as water lilies, are typically found in ponds. This is because they play an important role in keeping away algae and maintaining water for fish. This is a significant flower around the world!

Waterlilies are also considered sacred in certain religions such as Buddhism. Meanings attached to the lots include rebirth and purity.

A lotus necklace will make a unique and versatile gift for anyone born in July or who simply loves the waterlily flower.

July Birth flower
July Birthflower

Larkspur - Birth Flower July

The other flower for July is Larkspur. Larkspur appear as a tower of blossoms around a stem and often are included in flower arrangements.

This flower is also used in aromatherapy or made into a fragrance for scented candles and other products. Larkspur typically come in blue, white and purple. They represent grace, happiness, and first love.

Birth Flower July
Birth Flower of July

Birth Flower of July Gift Ideas

As these flowers are associated with various meanings, they make for a unique and versatile gift for any occasion.

Our birth flower necklace collection includes intricate pendants for each month. Necklaces are made up of a handcrafted birth flower pendant made from an actual flower petal cast in silver.

For July, our lotus petal pendant is paired with a gorgeous red gemstone — July’s birthstone.

This necklace instantly brings personality and meaning to any outfit. If you know someone who is born in July, or one who loves waterlilies, surprise them with a birth flower necklace and show them how much they mean to you!

July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone
July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone
July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone
July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone
July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone
July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone
July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone
July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone

July Birthstone Necklace - Lotus & Birthstone

£ 45.00

Our sweet July birthflower and birthstone necklace will help you feel personally connected to your birth month.   This gorgeous necklace consists of a handcrafted lotus petal pendant which in the language of birthflowers stands for patience and purity and is connected to deep spirituality.  

A gorgeous red stone (dyed agate) to represent the July birthstone Ruby completes the necklace.  The stone is said to represent vitality, love, passion and protection.  

While it makes a lovely sentimental gift for your July born loved one, it also is the perfect addition to your jewellery collection.  It is sure to become one of your most versatile necklaces!  

Our July birth flower & birthstone necklace comes with a meaning card that explains the characteristics of the July birth flower.

Curb chain 18" 

18ct gold plated on sterling silver 925

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Birth flower and birthstone guide

Birth Flower Chart - Birth Flower by Month

Click on the months below to read more about birthflowers.

MonthFlower Meaning and Symbolism
January Birthflower
The snow drop is a symbol of hope, innocence and purity.  The carnation represents love and affection. 
February BirthflowerViolets stand for loyalty and faithfulness.  Primrose bring to mind young love and vitality.  
March BirthflowerThe daffodil (also the jonquil) is associated with happiness, friendships and new beginnings.
April BirthflowerA daisy represents purity, innocence and true love. The Sweet Pea is an omen of blissful pleasure!
May BirthflowerThe Lily-of-the-valley has a meaning of humility and sweetness. The hawthorn flower stands for hope and happiness.
June BirthflowerThe rose means passion and love.  Honeysuckle represents everlasting love.
July BirthflowerLarkspur symbolises an open heart & positivity.  The lotus or water lily is deeply spiritual and stands for patience and purity.
August BirthflowerGladiolus is a sign of strength of character.  The poppy stands for pleasure and success.
September BirthflowerThe Aster is assoicated with wisdom, faith and a powerful love.
October BirthflowerA marigold stands for creativity and passion.  Cosmos stands for peace and harmony.
November BirthflowerA red chrysanthemum stands for love and loyalty.
December BirthflowerNarcissus are a sign of hope and wealth.  The Holly represents happiness and protection.