Birth Flower for June

Birth flowers are beautiful blossoms that have been designated for each month of the year. These flowers have specific characteristics and meanings attached to them.

The idea of birth flowers began in 18th century England. The language of flowers, also known as floriography, is a form of communication through flowers.

Do you speak flowers? Each birth flower has a unique meaning. While some months have one birth flower, others have two. These birth flowers make for a unique and meaningful gift for your loved one.

Read on to find out more about the June birth flowers and what they mean for you!

June Birthflower

June Birthflower - Rose

One of the birth flowers of June is a rose. Also known as the Queen of Flowers, roses are one of the world’s most popular blooms. They go hand-in-hand with love and have long been cherished for their beauty and elegance.

Roses come in various colours, and their meanings vary depending on the colour of the flower. For example, red roses are symbolic of passion. Orange means desire. Yellow roses signify friendship. White roses stand for peace, love and innocent feelings.

With so many different possible meanings for roses, they make such a versatile and unique gift for any occasion!

June Birth flower
June Birthflower

Honeysuckle - Birth Flower June

The other June birth flower is honeysuckle. Just like roses, honeysuckle flowers come in various colours, including yellow, pink and white. They are symbolic of happiness and everlasting bonds.

Honeysuckle blooms on a climbing vine and are often surrounded by colourful butterflies. Their name is thanks to their sweet scent.

Birth Flower June
Birth Flower of June

Birth Flower of June Gift Ideas

If you or a loved one are born in the month of June, why not celebrate with a rose petal birth flower necklace? A birth flower pendant paired with a matching birthstone makes such a special gift.  June's birthstone is moonstone.

The petal pendant has been handcrafted from an actual rose petal, which is why it keeps its texture even after being cast in silver! Each month of the year has its own birth flower necklace. With its gorgeous details and classy style, a June birth flower necklace is a great addition to any outfit.

This classic piece of birth flower jewellery will stand the test of time and will keep you close to your loved ones even if you are only thinking of them from afar. A beautiful, meaningful gift!

June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace

June Birthflower Necklace

£ 59.00

Say hello to your new go-to necklace, this versatile June birthflower & birthstone necklace will prove to be a very versatile addition to your jewellery collection.  The rose petal is June's birth flower and you will love the way this petal pendant captures the light as it moves.  The necklace is completed with Junes birthstone - the moonstone.

In the language of birth flowers, the rose represents passion and love.  Moonstone symbolises love, great luck and is said to be balancing - it is the stone of strength, inner growth and calmness.

Your June born loved one will be delighted to receive this necklace to celebrate a special occasion in their life.   All our birth flower jewellery is steeped in meaning and symbolism. Each birthstone necklace comes gift boxed with a card that reveals the meaning behind each unique birth month necklace.

Curb chain 18" 

18ct gold plated on sterling silver 925

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Birth flower and birthstone guide

Birth Flower Chart - Birth Flower by Month

Click on the months below to read more about birthflowers.

MonthFlower Meaning and Symbolism
January Birthflower
A carnation symbolises love & affection. A snow drop is a symbol of hope, innocence and purity.
February BirthflowerA Primrose bring to mind young love and vitality.  Violets symbolise loyalty & faithfulness.
March BirthflowerThe daffodil (also the jonquil) symbolises happiness, friendships & new beginnings.
April BirthflowerA daisy represents purity, innocence and true love. Sweet Pea's are an omen of blissful pleasure!
May BirthflowerThe Lily-of-the-valley has a meaning of humility and sweetness. The hawthorn flower is a sign of hope and happiness.
June BirthflowerThe rose represents passion, love and promise.  Honeysuckle stands for everlasting love.
July BirthflowerLarkspur is associated with an open heart and positivity.  The lotus / water lily stands for patience and purity, it is deeply spiritual.
August BirthflowerGladiolus have a meaning of strength of character.  The poppy is a sign for pleasure and success.
September BirthflowerThe Aster is associated with wisdom, faith and powerful love.
October BirthflowerA marigold is a sign of creativity and passion. Marigolds can also symbolise grief and despair over losing a loved one. Cosmos stands for peace and harmony.
November BirthflowerA red chrysanthemum represents love and loyalty.
December BirthflowerNarcissus signify hope and wealth.  Holly stands for happiness and protection.