Birth Stone for June

Birthstones are gemstones that connect each month of the year. These stones are usually associated with specific meanings.

Birthstones are said to date back to ancient times, where 12 specific gems were associated with the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites in the Bible.

Traditional and modern birthstones sometimes differ, since jewellers have since added new stones to the birthstone chart.

June has three birthstones associated with it: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.

June Birthstone

June Birthstone - Pearl

The traditional birthstone of June is the pearl. As pearls are rare, they are often cultivated. This gem is associated with purity, humility and innocence, and is traditionally given as a wedding gift.

Pearls are also known to have beneficial properties and are believed to bring prosperity to those who wear them.

June Birthstone - Alexandrite

Another birthstone of June is the alexandrite. This gemstone is a variety of mineral chrysoberyl, which changes colour from blueish green in the daylight to purplish-red under artificial light.

This gem is associated with peace and hope due to its green colours. Red alexandrite represents energy and fiery passion.

June Birth stone
June Birthstone

June Birthstone - Moonstone

Moonstone is the last birthstone for June. This is a colourless gem known for its silver and blue sheen.

This birthstone is said to be designated for the zodiac sign of Gemini and ranges from colourless to brown, yellow and pink.

Moonstone is said to bring prosperity, passion and balance to those who wear it. It also may have healing properties, and help cleanse the digestive system and calm emotions.

Birthstone jewellery has become a popular gift item recently, due to its ability to offer personalised meanings. This makes it a versatile gift for any occasion!

Do you love someone who was born in June or who loves gemstones? A birthstone necklace could be a perfect gift idea for them.

Birth stone June
Birth Flower of June

Birthstone for June Gift Ideas

For each month, we have created a birthstone necklace, made up of a birthstone pendant and matching birth flower.

Birth flowers are flowers associated with particular months.   Similar to birthstones, these flowers also have various meanings and symbolism.

June’s birth flower is the rose, symbolising passion and love. June’s birthstone necklace will consist of a moonstone birthstone pendant and a rose petal. Such an unforgettable combination. Plus, each petal pendant has been handcrafted from a real flower.

June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace
June Birthflower Necklace

June Birthflower Necklace

£ 59.00

Say hello to your new go-to necklace, this versatile June birthflower & birthstone necklace will prove to be a very versatile addition to your jewellery collection.  The rose petal is June's birth flower and you will love the way this petal pendant captures the light as it moves.  The necklace is completed with Junes birthstone - the moonstone.

In the language of birth flowers, the rose represents passion and love.  Moonstone symbolises love, great luck and is said to be balancing - it is the stone of strength, inner growth and calmness.

Your June born loved one will be delighted to receive this necklace to celebrate a special occasion in their life.   All our birth flower jewellery is steeped in meaning and symbolism. Each birthstone necklace comes gift boxed with a card that reveals the meaning behind each unique birth month necklace.

Curb chain 18" 

18ct gold plated on sterling silver 925

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Birth flower and birthstone guide

Birth Stone Chart - Birth Stone of the Month

Here is the birthstone chart based on the month in which you were born!  

Trust, friendship, protection
FebruaryAmethystBalance, wisdom, healing, courage
MarchAquamarineProtection, tranquillity, hope, health
AprilCrystal or DiamondInner strength, purity, positivity
MayEmeraldLove, rebirth, health, patience
JunePearl / MoonstoneBalance, prosperity, calming
JulyRubyPassion, kindness, dignity
AugustPeridotHealth, creativity, strength, love
SeptemberSapphireHealing, protection, clarity, wisdom
OctoberRose QuartzLove, healing, spirituality, peace
NovemberCitrineAbundance, clarity, joy, strength
DecemberTurquoisePeace, luck, prosperity, rebirth