Birth Stone for May

You may be familiar with birthstones - gemstones that are assigned to each month. These stones come with their own meanings and have been in use since ancient times.

The birthstones we currently associate with each month are not necessarily the same ones used centuries ago. During ancient times, birthstones were related to the 12 gemstones on the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites, from the Book of Exodus in the Bible.

In the past, the colour of each gem was the most important feature of the stone. Modern jewellers continue to add options to the modern birthstone chart.

Birth Flower May

May Birthstone - Emerald

May’s birthstone is the emerald. Emeralds are widely admired because of their deep green colour. A great addition to any outfit!

Emeralds are known as having unique healing properties. It is said that the wearer can tell the future. In the past, emeralds were placed under the tongue to protect from evil.

Birth stone May
Birth stone of May

This stone is also thought to help heal the physical and emotional heart. It makes sense then that emeralds are associated with love, rebirth and health.

What makes a better gift for someone born in May than a stone with healing properties?

Birthstone jewellery makes for a versatile addition to any wardrobe and is a wonderful gift to receive. Those born in May will attract luck when wearing emeralds!

Birth Flower May
Birth flower of May

Birth Stone for May Gift Ideas

For each month, we have handcrafted a birthstone necklace, consisting of a birthstone pendant and a matching birth flower petal.

Birth flowers are similar to birthstones, because they are associated with particular months.

May’s birth flowers are hawthorns, which represent hope and happiness.

This month’s necklace will feature a green agate gemstone pendant and a hawthorn petal, taken from an actual flower then cased in silver. An elegant, classy necklace and meaningful gift.

May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace
May Birthflower Necklace

May Birthflower Necklace

£ 59.00

The May birth flower necklace has a detailed hawthorn petal pendant and corresponding birthstone.  A gorgeous green stone (dyed agate) represents the Emerald gemstone. 

Embrace the birth flower of May - hawthorn is a symbol of hope and happiness.  Emerald represents hope, renewal, personal growth, wisdom and patience.

The petal pendant has been handcrafted from a Hawthorn flower before being cast in sterling silver.  A subtle yet timeless piece, this necklace will become your favourite go-to everyday piece of jewellery.  

This necklace makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift, your loved one will feel instantly connected to you whenever they wear it.    All necklaces come packaged in our gift packaging.  Inside you will find a meaning card, explaining the sentiment and symbolism of the flower for your chosen month.

Curb chain 18" 

18ct gold plated on sterling silver 925

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Birth flower and birthstone guide

Birth Stone Chart - Birth Stone of the Month

Here is the birthstone chart based on the month in which you were born!  

Trust, friendship, protection
FebruaryAmethystBalance, wisdom, healing, courage
MarchAquamarineProtection, tranquillity, hope, health
AprilCrystal or DiamondInner strength, purity, positivity
MayEmeraldLove, rebirth, health, patience
JunePearl / MoonstoneBalance, prosperity, calming
JulyRubyPassion, kindness, dignity
AugustPeridotHealth, creativity, strength, love
SeptemberSapphireHealing, protection, clarity, wisdom
OctoberRose QuartzLove, healing, spirituality, peace
NovemberCitrineAbundance, clarity, joy, strength
DecemberTurquoisePeace, luck, prosperity, rebirth