Birth Stone for November

Birthstones are simply gems that are associated with each month of the year. They are often worn as jewellery and are thought to bring luck and protection to those who wear them.

Birthstones date back to ancient times and were believed to have special powers. There are two types of birthstone charts: traditional and modern.

The traditional chart was inspired by the 12 gemstones on the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites in the Bible.

The modern birthstone chart was created by the National Association of Jewellers, and features more gem options than the traditional list.

November has two different birthstones: topaz and citrine.

Birth Stone November

November Birthstone - Topaz

Topaz is a golden yellow gem that symbolises love and affection. Many believe that topaz provides strength and intellect to those who wear it.

This gem is represented in histories from around the world. Europeans believed that topaz could protect the wearer from spells and anger. In India, people believed that topaz would bring those who wore it a long life.

November Birth stone
November Birthstone

November Birthstone - Citrine

Citrine is another of November’s birthstones. Similar to topaz, this gem comes in various shades of yellow.

This gem has been popular since ancient times, with similar powers to that of topaz. Many believed that citrine could soothe tempers.

Citrine is also said to provide luck and fortune to the wearer and brings success and clarity. Bring on abundance!

Birth stone November
Birth stone of November

Birthstone for November Gift Ideas

Are you a November baby? Perhaps you hold similar properties to topaz and citrine and are full of optimism!

With their unique meanings and beautiful colours, birthstones make a versatile gift for any occasion. Birthstone jewellery is a popular gift because of its healing properties and beautiful appearance.

We have handcrafted a line of birthstone necklaces that also include birth flower pendants for a personalised touch. Birth flowers, like birthstones, are assigned to each month and come with their own meanings.

November’s birth flower is the chrysanthemum and is a sign of loyalty and luck. This month’s birthstone necklace will consist of a citrine pendant and a matching chrysanthemum petal cased in silver.

November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace
November Birthflower Necklace

November Birthflower Necklace

£ 59.00

Embrace your connection to flowers with this gorgeous November birthflower necklace.  Perfect for wearing the birth month of someone important to you or your own month.

Our necklace features a chrysanthemum petal pendant, handcrafted from a real flower petal. Paired with the birthstone for November - Citrine, it makes a lovely thoughtful gift. 

Chrysanthemums according to the language of birth flowers represent love and loyalty.  The citrine gemstone is linked with joy and attracting abundance. 

Whether you are born in the month of November or you would love to wear a necklace celebrating love, joy and abundance, this is the must-have for your jewellery collection. Perfect worn solo, or layer it up!

All birthstone jewellery will come boxed, ready for gifting. Inside you will find a meaning card, explaining the sentiment and symbolism of the flower for your chosen month.

Curb chain 18" 

18ct gold plated on sterling silver 925

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Birth flower and birthstone guide

Birth Stone Chart - Birth Stone of the Month

Here is the birthstone chart based on the month in which you were born!  

Trust, friendship, protection
FebruaryAmethystBalance, wisdom, healing, courage
MarchAquamarineProtection, tranquillity, hope, health
AprilCrystal or DiamondInner strength, purity, positivity
MayEmeraldLove, rebirth, health, patience
JunePearl / MoonstoneBalance, prosperity, calming
JulyRubyPassion, kindness, dignity
AugustPeridotHealth, creativity, strength, love
SeptemberSapphireHealing, protection, clarity, wisdom
OctoberRose QuartzLove, healing, spirituality, peace
NovemberCitrineAbundance, clarity, joy, strength
DecemberTurquoisePeace, luck, prosperity, rebirth