Birth Stone for October

You may be familiar with birthstones--gemstones that are assigned to each month. These stones come with their own meanings and have been in use since ancient times.

There are 2 different types of birthstone charts — modern and traditional. The modern birthstone chart was created in 1912 by the National Association of Jewellers. This chart has been regularly updated since.

October Birth Stone

October Birthstone - Tourmaline

October’s traditional birthstone is tourmaline. This stone comes in multiple colours and varieties, including pink, green and black.

There are different meanings associated with this gem, depending on its colour. Black tourmaline is believed to protect the wearer while green tourmaline inspires courage.

October Birthstone
October Birth stone

Rose Quartz - Birthstone for October

Another birthstone for October is the rose quartz. This gem is known to carry soft feminine energy and is often used as a token of love.

Rose quartz comes in translucent shades of pink, including blush pale, pale pink and dark rose. This stone is associated with the heart and soul and some believe it has healing properties.

In ancient times, rose quartz was used to heal wounds while bringing soothing and spiritual energy to the wearer.

Today, rose quartz also stands for compassion, peace, and comfort.

Birth stone of October
Birth stone October

Birthstone for October Gift Ideas

As birthstones have various meanings and symbolism, they make for versatile gifts for any occasion.

Because birthstones are believed to bring luck to those who wear them, they have become extremely popular in recent years! Do you know someone who was born in October? Pick out a gorgeous birthstone necklace for them that they will treasure forever!

Each month, we will launch a new birthstone necklace. These necklaces are delicate chains with birthstone and birth flower pendants.

Birth flowers, similar to birthstones, accompany each month of the year. They also carry unique meanings.

October’s flower is the cosmos, which symbolises peace and tranquillity. October’s birthstone necklace includes a rose quartz birthstone pendant and a cosmos petal pendant made from a real flower.

Even if you can’t see your loved ones often, they can carry a token of your love with them wherever they go.

October Birthflower Necklace
October Birthflower Necklace
October Birthflower Necklace
October Birthflower Necklace
October Birthflower Necklace
October Birthflower Necklace
October Birthflower Necklace
October Birthflower Necklace

October Birthflower Necklace

£ 59.00

Elevate your everyday with this gorgeous October birth flower necklace.  A cosmos petal pendant,  handcrafted from a real flower is complimented with a rose quartz pendant - the October birthstone.

Cosmos according to the language of flowers is the October birth flower and symbolises peace and harmony.  Rose quartz represents unconditional love and happiness.

Surprise an October born loved one with this unique and memorable gift. It will become a favourite in their jewellery collection.  Perfect for wearing on its own or layer it up with other necklaces. 

All birth flower necklaces come gift-boxed, complete with a meaning card explaining the sentiment behind the particular birth month.

Curb chain 18" 

18ct gold plated on sterling silver 925

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Birth flower and birthstone guide

Birth Stone Chart - Birth Stone of the Month

Here is the birthstone chart based on the month in which you were born!  

Trust, friendship, protection
FebruaryAmethystBalance, wisdom, healing, courage
MarchAquamarineProtection, tranquillity, hope, health
AprilCrystal or DiamondInner strength, purity, positivity
MayEmeraldLove, rebirth, health, patience
JunePearl / MoonstoneBalance, prosperity, calming
JulyRubyPassion, kindness, dignity
AugustPeridotHealth, creativity, strength, love
SeptemberSapphireHealing, protection, clarity, wisdom
OctoberRose QuartzLove, healing, spirituality, peace
NovemberCitrineAbundance, clarity, joy, strength
DecemberTurquoisePeace, luck, prosperity, rebirth