Birth Stone for September

Birthstones are gems that accompany a birth month and have special meanings and historical significance to them.

Birthstones date back to the ancient times, where the traditional birthstones had been inspired by the 12 gemstones on the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites, in the Bible.

The National Association of Jewellers created a modern birthstone chart, on top of the traditional chart, in 1912. This new chart features more gem options as compared to the traditional list, with gemstones added regularly.

September has one birthstone, the sapphire, which is in both the traditional and modern birthstone chart.

What is my Birth Stone?

September Birthstone - Sapphire

Sapphires come in various colours, with rich cobalt blue being the most common variety.

This stone has been cherished for years and has a large historical significance. In the 17th century, it was said that wearing sapphire would help one foretell the future.

While in the 15th century, it was said that one could kill a spider by holding this gem near it.

According to the International Coloured Gem Association, this gem has been associated with divinity due to its ability to provide one with clarity and wisdom.

This gem is also believed to have healing properties, such as strengthening the heart and muscles while providing one with courage. Sapphires are also said to protect against sorcery, banishing evil and negativity.

Today, this gem is known to symbolise faith, purity and wisdom.

Birth stone of September
Birthstone September

Birthstone for September Gift Ideas

As sapphire is associated with various meanings and symbolism, it makes for a versatile gift for any occasion.

Birthstone jewellery has also become popular, due to the belief of these gems providing luck, health and prosperity to those who wear it.

So, why not get your loved one a special birthstone jewellery as a way to show your gratitude to them?

Each month, we will be launching a new birthstone necklace, consisting of a birthstone pendant and a matching birthflower.

Similar to birthstones, birthflowers are flowers that accompany a particular month, with various meanings attached to it too.

September’s birthflower is the aster, and is known to signify innocence and purity. September’s birthstone necklace will include a sapphire birthstone pendant and an aster petal pendant. These pendants are handcrafted from real flowers. 

While we may not get to see our loved ones as much as we hope, a birthstone necklace can be a meaningful way to show them how much they mean to you.

Birth Stone Chart - Birth Stone of the Month

Here is the birthstone chart based on the month in which you were born!  

Trust, friendship, protection
AmethystBalance, wisdom, healing, courage
AquamarineProtection, tranquillity, hope, health
Crystal or DiamondInner strength, purity, positivity
EmeraldLove, rebirth, health, patience
Pearl / MoonstoneBalance, prosperity, calming
RubyPassion, kindness, dignity
PeridotHealth, creativity, strength, love
SapphireHealing, protection, clarity, wisdom
Rose QuartzLove, healing, spirituality, peace
CitrineAbundance, clarity, joy, strength
TurquoisePeace, luck, prosperity, rebirth